You Are My Passion for Life...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I'm glad Tabitha finally explained why she doesn't age!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

He's alive!!!!

I'm so excited about Sheridan and Luis's reunion! I loved the look on Chris's face when Sheridan said that Luis was alive. It was like disbelief, shock and dismay all rolled into one! I really hope Sheridan leaves Chris right away. And I hope the rumor about their marriage (that it's not legal) turns out to be true! Shuis has got to be Passions's most beloved couple.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Let's Talk About Sex...ism

This whole Ethan not wanting Gwen to go back to work thing made me dislike Ethan for the first time in a while (yes, he's become a sissy, but I like him anyway). What is so wrong about a woman making more money than her husband? And it's like Ethan doesn't want to be with his own daughter...he's trying to push her off on Gwen (someone who's not even really related to Jane)! Ethan's "But you were supposed to stay home with the kids" mantra was making me sick. Even Gwen was acting sexist (toward women) when she kept saying it would just be for a short while, though she was probably trying to soothe Ethan's ego. But her "I love to try on pretty shoes and suits" comment lent credence to what seems like JER's sexist nature. That Theresa thinks it's "OK" for Ethan to act like a chauvinist pisses me off as well, but I'll chalk up much of that to her obsession.

As for NuMiguel, his deliveries today were extremely flat. I really hopes he improves. NuFox is only slightly better at delivering his lines. Not that Passions (and soaps in general) are known for pulling in the best actors. As long as they're hot, they're great. And NuMiguel certainly is (hot).

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sheris? Chreridan?

So what do we call this new Chris/Sheridan pairing? Sheris? Chredidan? At least we know Tabitha is only "allowing" this because Luis is still alive. Poor Sheridan had to ruin her beautiful coat! But when Luis appears from the dead, if Sheridan doesn't go back to him I will be pissed off. I think the only thing that is saving "Chris" right now is his accent. It's certainly not his acting skills!

Now let's talk about TC's parenting skills, or lack thereof. When his daughters are younger, he overtly favors Whitney, because he wants her to fulfill his old dream. And now, when Simone comes out as a lesbian, he displays what a parent shouldn't: a lack of unconditional love and support for his child. It's pathetic that TC is such a hypocrite. Like Eve said, blacks were discriminated against (and still are), and TC has been the recipient of such discrimination. But he doesn't hesitate to denigrate something he doesn't understand. I don't advocate racial prejudice at all, but I think TC needs to get a dish of what he's giving Simone.

In other news, we are finally going to find out who the woman with the red nails is. Like I've said, I don't really follow the story online, but I think I'll make an exception on December 30.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today's Show

Ugggh, Chris and Sheridan make me want to vomit. Since Sheridan is basically June Cleaver right now, why doesn't Chris go out and find a job? He's out of the Witness Protection Program, so he's free to galavant around as he pleases

And let's talk about Theresa. "God, if Ethan wakes up, I promise I'll leave him alone. I'll give up on our love." Yeah, right. Theresa, give up on Ethan? I seem to recall her saying that a couple of years back. Theresa isn't exactly good at keeping promises.

Those were some nasty things Valerie said to Kay. And poor Kay, coming out looking like the villain. I really don't like the stance the show has taken on this...why is it such a big deal that Kay is a single parent? Even though her father accepts it, he talks about it like it's some horrible tragedy.
Also, it would be pretty cool if Fox found out about Tabitha being a witch. He'd probably be pretty accepting about it. You know Endora would love it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

'Bye 'Bye Foah?

SO it looks like Fancy and Noah are on the rocks again. Not that I blame Fancy in the least. If I'd made a pact with my boyfriend not to lie or let stupid things break us up and this happened, I'd go off the deep end! It was too hilarious, though, when Fancy went to the convenience store and picked up the soap opera magazine. And then she made the pithy comment on her way out: "Soaps are like life..."
THOUGH Foah will be broken up again, at least Fancy knows Noah didn't cheat on her. Not that what he did was better, but at least he was faithful, right?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mission Accomplished?

Has Liz broken up Julian and Eve? I highly doubt it. Passions' regular viewers are good enough at predicting plots to realize the setup for this one. I'm almost positive Eve will forgive Julian. And if she doesn't, she's rather gullible and doesn't realize the extent of Liz's capabilities.